Life in New York City

Candid Camera - NYC Subway

Contributor: Farin Vazquez Some people travel to and from work and never look up from their iPhones....

4 Comments / Apr 22, 2014

Walk Like You Drive: 5 Rules to Surviving the Sidewalks of NYC

Though maybe odd to anyone outside of New York, sidewalk walking is something I think about frequently....

1 Comment / Apr 19, 2014

No Pictures Please

Dear Tourists, Welcome to New York.  I’m glad you’re here, and I’m glad you are bringing revenue...

0 Comment / Apr 17, 2014

Out and About

5 Things to Enjoy This Weekend in NYC

Here is CityElla's roundup of the five things to enjoy this weekend in New York City! 1. Celebrate...

1 Comment / Apr 18, 2014

Favorite NYC Watering Holes

So much of the culture today revolves around meeting for drinks; never more so than in New York City. ...

0 Comment / Apr 15, 2014

The Reservation Game Changer App

This Friday my husband and I went on a date to Blue Ribbon Sushi, we ordered a beautiful assortment...

0 Comment / Apr 08, 2014

Fashion / Style

Nicholas Kirkwood's First Sample Sale

British shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood, is having his first US sample sale today and,...

1 Comment / Apr 09, 2014

Rent the Runway Sample Sale & Manhattan Vintage

Rent the Runway Sample Sale (March 31st - April 6th) Yesterday, Rent The Runway started their sample...

1 Comment / Apr 01, 2014

Friday night date with my hair

Last Friday night I had a date with my hair. I’ve been neglecting it recently and our relationship...

2 Comments / Mar 27, 2014


The Business of Being in Love

It’s no secret—New York City is all about business. From the moment the sun hits a New Yorker’s...

0 Comment / Apr 10, 2014

How to Have Your Soul Stolen by a Ginger

You've heard it before, the deterring old wives’ tale- “gingers have no soul.” In your never-ending...

0 Comment / Apr 03, 2014

An Intro to the Fake Blonde You’ve Probably Seen Sobbing Over Her Ex in the Corner of a Bar

Allow me to (re)introduce myself, my name is Hov'... Okay, not really. My name is Eselle and I've...

2 Comments / Mar 13, 2014

Working Girl

Why I Hated NYC & Why I Love NYC Now

Let's face it, NYC is unlike any other place in the world, for better or for worse. You can easily expect...

1 Comment / Apr 02, 2014

Restroom Respect for the 9-to-5: The Line Cutter

It's time to discuss taking a crap at work.  Why? Because I was blessed with an overactive colon, I...

1 Comment / Mar 25, 2014

Which Looks Better?

I am one of the rare early thirty-somethings who has worked at the same job since graduating college.  It’s...

0 Comment / Mar 18, 2014

Design / Arts

Wednesday Finds

Every Wednesday, Working Girl Press is featuring furniture that NYC girls can get their hands on. Vintage...

0 Comment / Apr 16, 2014

A Thoroughly Biased Guide to the 8 Best Blogs in NYC for Girls Who Want to Live a Beautiful Life

Here’s my thoroughly biased round-up of the best blogs on living a beautiful life in NYC. So biased,...

1 Comment / Mar 18, 2014

Midtown Construction Zone

Most construction zones in New York City are abrasive, intruding, and for lack of a better word, ugly....

3 Comments / Mar 13, 2014